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Communication to Creditors – Stanford International Bank (In Liquidation) 05/23/12

Dear creditor,

It has come to our attention that many of you are concerned because you do not have all of your Bank records or backup documentation to finalize our claims process forms. Do not allow your lack of records to prevent you from submitting a claim. Please proceed to fill in the form to the best of your ability with the information you have at hand or might remember, have the form executed by all signatories to the account, and submit it.  So long as you fill in and submit your claim in good faith, we will not reject your claim for lack of documentation or if it does not agree with the Bank’s records. We will calculate the net deposit and will provide you with a revised calculation based on the Bank’s records.

Keep in mind you will then have 21 days to apply to the Antiguan Court for the decision to be reversed or amended as provided for in the 1986 UK Insolvency Rules. If you agree with the revised amount, you do not have to do anything.

Yours sincerely,
Marcus Wide, Hugh Dickson
Joint Liquidators
Stanford International Bank Limited (In Liquidation)

Completing claims under the process set out below is necessary even if you have previously registered your claim and submitted your statement balance with the former Joint Liquidators.

All creditors of Stanford International Bank, Limited (“SIB”) must complete and submit a claim form if they wish to receive any distributions that may be made in the future. This also applies to those claimants that have previously or intend to register their claims with the former Joint Liquidators.

As part of the claims process it is possible that the Joint Liquidators may request further information of a “know your client” nature before admitting a claim. All information and materials submitted during the Proof of Debt process is confidential as per Antiguan law and will, without prior consent or court approval, not be shared with any other private or governmental person or entity.

Please fill out the claims forms contained within this page and submit your completed form and all supporting documentation to

Any questions with respect to completing the claims form can be sent to Or you may call +1 268 480 3700 Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time. Both English and Spanish options are available.

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Proprietary Claim Form* – PDF file

*This form should only be completed by anyone who is including as part of their claim a proprietary interest (ownership interest) in the assets of Stanford International Bank.


Download appropriate PDF form and Excel file (if necessary) above. Print and fill out forms and save a copy for your records.
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Stanford International Bank Limited
Attention: Claims Administrator
No. 11 Pavillion Drive
PO Box 3300
St. John’s
West Indies

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